Arabic is an important part of the curriculum here at Qatar Academy as it is the national language of Qatar. Every student has to take this language and it is one of the three languages that you must take. Next year, Qatar Academy is plannnig to make the school a two language IB school and therefore you can choose between arabic and french/spanish. The school offers Arabic A for native speakers and Arabic B for students that have arabic has a second language like me.

In Arabic, we have studied several topics this year. First, we looked at the hospital and medicine. Our next topic was food and healthy diets. Our recent topics included marriage and family life and education. For every unit that we cover, the teacher gives us three exams: an oral, reading and writing exam. I find these hard but I prepare well for them. I enjoy arabic because the language is so different to my own and to english, but I also find it very hard and I have to put a lot of effort into my work.
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The picture shows the hall that leads to my arabic classroom. We call this section the "red scetion" and it is part of the modern language area of the school.

Here is a Writing test that I did where I received 6/8 and 7/8!


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