Community and Service

Community and Service is something that it mandatory for all students in Qatar Academy. This is part of the MYP curriculum and it is basically the service or help of students in their community. For example, students sign up for a project and then they go to thatc lub or organization and perform their duties. There are always jobs to be done for C & S credit in and out of school. Many projects are offered by teachers and the school such as the environmental club, art club, yearbook, and other ones.

I chose to do my own independant projects this year where I had to create my own sheets and design my own project. I did:
  • Helping at the Stables
  • Designing and Creating a Website for my Stables
  • Quackfest - Prizebooth

For each of these three projects, I had to make a joural, include memorobilia, get signatures, make final paragraphs and state the learner profile atributes.

Here are some pictures:

This is my stables where I did my first project! For my Website, I took many horse pictures

DSCN1620.jpgDSCN1827.jpg external image Garfield%20strong%20coffee.gif

I worked in the prizebooth during Quackfest and there I helped hand out and organize the prizes that were available for the winners of the different games! The children were very keen, so I had to be careful tehy did not take the wrong prize! It was fun and I worked with my friends...


external image snoopy07.gif

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