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Cultural Studies is the other option from Islamic Studies which non-Muslims take. In culture studies, we learn about different topics and about different cultures or religions. We also look at world issues. My teacher is also my arabic teacher. This year, we have studied topics such as the GCC countries, the Arab League, the Palestinian Issue, the United Nations, Qatar's history and Qatar in recent years. For each topic, we have discussions and complete homeworks in which we have to individually reserach the topic. Sometimes, we go to the library or multi-media lab for the class to reserach or do an assignement. We have had to tests this year, several homework assignments, and one major project on Qatar. We have class once a week, on a Thursday.

I enjoy cultural studies because we learn about different things going on in the world and different cultures. This year, we focused mainly on:

  • Arabic culture
  • Islamic Traditions
  • Organizations in both the Arab World and International Organizations

Here are some of my assignments:

Plan for Year:
The Arab League Assignment:
The GCC countries assignment:


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