English is a core subject here at Qatar Academy. English is a focal point of the curriculum as all the other subjects are taught in English. To go to the next year at Qatar Academy, you must get at least a passing grade in English (4). The school teaches English in all grades and you must take, even later on in your IB diploma programm.

En English this year, we have done several units. First, we did a poster for our summer reading books and we did a few activities that focused on the books we had to read for the summer. Then, we did a unit called "travel writing" in which we did projects and activities based on travelling. At the end, we choose a country and made a project about it which included a piece of persuasive, descriptive and informative writing. Then, we did "literature circles" which was based on reading two books and then doing activities with them. For my first book, I did a quote project where I analysed quotes. I have attached this project at the bottom of the page.
We also did an essay. For my second book, I made a scrapbook. Then, we did a "media unit" where we made a brochure for our favourite club or place in Qatar. I chose to do the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club. I have also attached this project. At the moment, we are doing a Shakespeare unit where we are looking at Shakespeare's Twelth Night.

I enjoy English and my favourite project this year was the media unit because it involved being active and producing something creative. I receive good grades in English, a 6 or 7 becuase I try very hard! Here is my travel project. The word document is the actual project and the slideshow was my oral presentation. Further down you will find my reflection for this artifact:

external image snoopy095.gif

My Travel Project:

My Oral Presentation (Slideshow):

My Reflection:

For the English travel writing project, we had to choose our favourite place in the world and write a descriptive, persuasive and informative piece. I chose the Maldives as my country. It was expected from us that we create the three pieces within a few weeks and we had to make the final project look presentable with a title page, colour and pictures. It was an individual project where we had to show our creative and descriptive skills. We had to use our very best English language skills. My English teacher had input into my work because I handed in a draft and he corrected and made some suggestions which I used later on. At the end of our project, we had to present it with a power point presentation and just talk a bit about our place.

So What?
I think that this piece of work is unique because I put in a lot of pictures that I took myself and I put a lot of effort into my work. I am proud of this project because I worked a lot on it. I think that it turned out to be so good because I loved the place so i wanted to show and explain to everyone else how beautiful it is there. This project helped me get to a new level in English because I had to improve and develop my writing and language skills. In the oral presentation, I practiced my oral skills and improved them because I got more confident in presenting my work to other people. I chose to put this artifact onto my wiki space because I think that it is special and I worked very hard on it. I also think that the standard of language is quite high and it is interesting for other people to look at.

Now What?
I improved as a student in the MYP learner programme through this project because the MYP tries to teach you to be creative and thinker and put in effort. I improved my creativity skills during this project because I included a variety of things in my project. As the project was such a major thing, we had to organize time very well. I definitely learned how to set myself time goals and I can use this in the future. In this project, I have developed my language and English skills and I can definitely use that in future projects for different subjects, not only English.


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