Humanities consists of a mixture of history and geography which is joined together to make one subject. In humanities we studied mostly about different areas of the world this year such as North Africa, East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, South Asia, the Middle East, South America and Europe. In these different topics, we looked at different areas of the countries such as history, physical features, modern culture and tradition and any recent issues or problems. Usually we have a final assessment for each topic which is either an essay or project. I have attached some of my work.

The picture the right shows my class and what it looks like. The bottom picture is the hallway in the humanities "section".


One of the major essays that we did this year was the Essay on North Africa. Here, we did the standard five paragraphs essay which is an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. In each of the three body paragraphs, I chose a example to talk about, explain and relate to the concept.

My Essay on North Africa :

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Here is my power point presentation on Saudi Arabia:

Reflection for Saudi Arabia Power Point Presentation:

This project was linked to our topic "middle east" and the aim of the project was to create a power point presentation on the country that we were assigned. I had the country Saudi Arabia. We went to the multi-media labs each class for about a week to work on our presentations. It was not a group project although some people had the same country and would help each other a bit. Each student had to turn in their own project. My teacher had some input on the project, because sometimes he would help me or give me tips on how to improve the project. Mainly, I worked on my own though.

So What?
This piece of work is significant because I used lots of different colours and backgrounds for my slides which makes it look exciting and special. I am proud of my project because I worked very hard on it and it took me a long time to compile the photos and information into such a good project. I am also proud of it because I received full marks for it. I decided to upload this artifact to my wiki space because it was special and it really shows how much work I have put into the humanities class this year. The colourful, and interesting power point really shows how enthusiastic I am. Another reason is because I found this project fun and other people should benefit from that.

Now What?
This project helped me developed my skills in the MYP learner programme because I had to look at the time very closely and create myself a time schedule. I can use this skill for future project so that I am more organized. This project had demonstrated that I am capable of doing humanities because I clearly incorporated the concept into the power point and I used language that a geographer or historian would use. Overall, this project has been successful and I think that I really learned and benefited from it.


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