Mathematics is a very important subject at Qatar Academy. It is one of the three subjects that you must pass to come to the next year. I am quite good at math, even though I dont enjoy it that much! Math is very important at the school and there are many teachers for this subject. Mathematics in the IB is important to and later we do not have the choice: we have to do math as a major subject.

This year, we have studied the following subjects: rates and ratios, polynomials, equations, parabolas and quadratic functions, data handling, and many others. We are always very busy in math, with work, tests, assignments and questions. For each of the units, we had an investigation, marked on the B and C criteria and then we have an end-of-unit test. Sometimes, we also have reflections. Here are some assignments I have done:

external image whatsupdoc.gif

Deductive Reasoning test: 8/10 and 5/6

Exponents Investigation: 8/10


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