DSCN2528.JPGPhysical Education

My favourite subject is: P.E! Here at Qatar Academy, there are many facilities and programmes for sports which I really enjoy. This year we have done: dance, badminton, football, striking games, track and field, gymnastics and we still have to do swimming. My favourite sports so far were football and track and field. I did not enjoy dance to much and I am not very good at it.

We did one project for P.E. this year which was to make a poster for badminton explaining one specific stroke type. I did the overarm clear. My final project was a really big, pretty poster that was hung up.DSCN2529.JPG

My favourite sport we did this year, was track and field. Here, we did things like running (100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, and the relay) and we also did field events like high jump and long jump. I enjoyed long jump, 800m and 200m the most. We did the sports on the track and field pitch behind the school. The pitch is really big and it was fun to do track and field there.

The pictures show the school's multi-purpose hall which is where we have P.E. most of the time (badminton, volleyball, basketball, etc.). The recreation center is a bit away and there we have gymnastics, dance and swimming because the facilities are more suitable.

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