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No relevant information about subjects, etc.
There is little or no useful facts/information

Some relevant information although not always
There is sufficient facts/information

The information is always relevant
There is a lot of useful facts/information


No hyperlinks present
Navigation is confusing and makes it hard to find things

Some hyperlinks present but could be improved
Navigation is overall clear

All the navigation is made with hyperlinks
Navigation is easy to follow and makes it easy for the viewer to find things


The digital portfolio is not organized and hard to read
Organization of navigation/ content is inefficent

Digital portfolio is overall well organized and usually easy to read
Organization of naviagtion/content is efficient although some improvements can be made

Digital portfolio is organized in an excellent manner making it easy for viewers to find info and read facts
Navigation is clear and easy to follow


The language is at a very low standard
There are any mistakes in grammar and puctuation
There us a small range of vocabulary used

Language is at an adequate standard
There are few mistakes in grammar and puctuation
Basic use of vocabulary but no variety

Language is at an excellent standard
There are little or no mistakes
Wide and excellent use of vocabulary with a wide variety

Design & Layout

Design and layout of the digital portfolio is at a low standard
Creator has made no effort with variety of fonts, colours and extras

Design and layout is efficient with some variety in use of fonts, colours and extra applications

Digital portfolio has an excellent layout and deisgn with a large variety in fonts, colours and extras


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