Science is one of the three subjects at Qatar Academy that you must pass (get a four or above) otherwise you will asked to leave Qatar Academy. This means that it is important to get good grades and concentrate in class. This year, we have looked at several units. They include: How science works, material world (elements, etc.), feel the force again, the producers, environmental science and some others. Usually, we have one essay, a lab report and an end of unit test for each topic. I generally get good grades in science and I find the essays and lab reports quite easy so I have gotten full marks sometimes. For the "Feel the Force Again" unit, we did an experiment with bottle rockets and here is my final lab report:

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Bottle Rocket Lab Report - Get more documents


What?This project was a lab report where we had to do a lab and then we have to do a report on it. The lab that we did was called the "bottle rocket experiment" where we shoot up bottle rockets filled with different levels of water and then we had to compare the results. The lab report had to include a evaluation, conclusion, plan and graph (from the results). My teacher helped me with writing up my lab report but then I did most of it myslef at home. For teh actual lab, we worked in a group of three and we went out to the track and field pitch.

So What?I am proud of this lab report becase I got full marks and I tried really hard on it. (I got 6/6 and 6/6). I got this grade because I spent a lot of time at home on it and I work efficiently in class. I think that this is the best artifact I can put up for the "science" section not only because I got full marks, also because I tried so hard on it and it shows what I can do in this subject. This project helped me reach a new level in the science subject because I developed boht my analytical skills because we had to look at a graph and draw conclusion and my lab skills because we had to use equipment from teh science departament and learn how to manouvre with them.

Now What?This lab report helped me reach a new level as a learner in the MYP programme because the MYP want students who are inquirers and thinkers and in this science assignemnt, I had to think about the data and ask the teacher if my ansers or predictions were correct. I have also learend to use my time wisely, not only in class but also at home to do some extra work. I learned about new technology such as a graphing programme that I can use in the future.


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