Spanish is the modern language that I take other than arabic. We all had to choose whether we want to take french or spanish and I chose spanish because I have spanish roots thorugh my grandmother and I wanted to learn the langauge. So far, I am very happy with my choice because I enjoy the projects and the language. Here, in Qatar, i have a very nice teacher.

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This year, we have studied several units including grammar topics and new vocabulary. We looked at the restaurant and food, shopping and grocery shopping, what you do in your free time, telecommunications and some other things. We have done several projects and ssignments such as a video advertisement project and a restaurant project. Here is my refelction for the restaurant project and the evaluation of the project to go with it:

Evaluation - Spanish Restaurant - Find Documents

Reflection for this Artifact

This project was a major assignment that we did for our Spanish class. The goal was to create a menu, Spanish-English translations, a table all for the "restaurant project". So basically, we had to prepare everything for one day where some teachers and parents we invited would come and enjoy food that we served but everything had to be in Spanish. This artifact is my reflection I did for it and in that, we basically had to describe in Spanish what we did, what we did well and how we have to improve. Also, I described some pictures. We worked in a group, but everyone had to do some jobs and the reflections were individual. The teacher helped us quite a lot with the Spanish and translations. I got full marks for this project.

So What?
I am very proud on this piece, not only because I got full marks, also because I tried very hard because it is Spanish and I enjoy this subject. I think that this artifact deserves to have a space on the wiki, because I put a lot of effort into it and I got a good grade for it. Also, this was the biggest or one of the most important projects of the year. This project helped me gain a new level in this subject because I developed my language and grammar skills and I learned many new Spanish skills.

Now What?
This project helped me become a better learner in the MYP programme because I imp improved my skills in organization and keeping track of time and this is a very important skill for my future school years. Because this project was so big and we had so many different parts to complete, everyone got a chance to organize their time and prepare themselves. This really helped me. With this newly developed skill, I can improve my work in future years and projects at school, not only in Spanish class.


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