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Technology at Qatar Academy consists of two subjects: Information technology (I.T.) and design technology (D.T.). Students up to grade 10 must do both and after they can choose one. This year, the grade 8 classes have done a half year rotation between deisgn technology and information technology. At the moment I am doing I.T. and our poject was to create this wikispace. Here is an artifact for D.T that I am proud of: my plan for the night light... (and underneath the reflection)

D.T. Night Light Plan - Get more College Essays

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We had two major projects in D.T. this year and for each, we had to make aplan. This is my night light plan and the aim of this plan was to explain what you want to do, how you want to do it, what materials you need and what your time schedule is. For the plan, it was expected for the student to describe in detail what they were planning to do, using what things along the way. Becuase the whole project was individual, the plan was individual work as well, although I asked the teacher sometimes for some help or showed him my work along the way. Also, me and my friends helped each other a bit by showing our plans and giving tips to the other ones and this really helped. It took me about one week to comeplete the plan which was well in the time and I also did some work at home.

So What?
I am proud of this piece of work because I got 6/6 for it and this helped me get a seven for the overall project and for my term grade. But I am not only proud of the grade, I am also happy with what I actually created because I spent a lot of time and effort on it and I also took it home. I think that this artifact is the best one I can put on the wikispace for the "D.T." section because it best shows how much work I put into the subject and what I can come up with. The plan helped me recah a new level in this subject because I deelpy thought about what equipement and materials I will need and this helped me prepare for the time in the workshop.

Now What?
This piece of work definately helped me become a better learner in the MYP programme because I worked hard and stayed within the time limit (worked even harder) and practiced keeping myself to work in a limited amount of time. The skills that I have achieved through this assignment includes knowledgable (because I learned more about the subject) and working effective in a limited amount of time. I will need these skills later on, not only in school but also in my job because I will also have to work under time pressure. This shows that this assignment was really important for my development.


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